In November 2012 we decided to compare the positive feedbacks of our clients with a new study. We wanted to take pot luck and see what kind of ability the tachyonized Energy Cards might show if their energetic spectrum is visualized by means of a scientific point of view.

So we contacted the two Swiss researchers Sarah Steinmann and Ernst F. Braun and asked them for a detailed study of our Energy Cards.

We asked them to analyze the subtle energetic potential of our little cards by means of the procedure developed by Masaru Emoto.

For each ENERGY*CARD 22 drops of steam-distilled water were placed with a pipette on Petri dishes. Afterwards these drops were frozen for a precise duration with -30 degrees Celsius.

On the tip of the frozen drops, crystalline forms -which often have the appearance of snowflakes- may manifest.

As for this study steam-distilled water has been used, we had to presume that probably no crystalline forms will manifest.

The results were more than amazing. Mercifully ;-)

>• Watercrystals: VITA*CARD
>• Watercrystals: FOOD*CARD
>• Watercrystals: GOLD*CARD
>• Watercrystals: SILVER*CARD
>• Watercrystals: COPPER*CARD
>• Watercrystals: GREEN*CARD


Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany