The topic of "water" is so important, interesting and extensive that it can’t be fully discussed with just a few words. That water - together with oxygen - is considered essential for life, must not be explained here in detail. However, the continued contamination of these two elements makes it increasingly difficult for more and more people to consume clean air and healthy drinking water.

Leonardo da Vinci devoted extensive studies to the water; he called it "the blood of the planet", the basic substance of all life. The biophysical elements of the water astonished him again and again. No wonder! Mother Earth consists probably of 2/3 of water, analogous to the human organism.

Our organism does not command water reserves, which it can recall when needed, such as the dromedary can. It can store large amounts of it in the stomach. His body temperature drops during the night, so that during the day the body warms up slowly and does not sweat for a long time.

Persistent water deficiency can lead to serious damage: the brain, liver and muscles are particularly sensitive, as the blood becomes viscous preventing optimal oxygenation feed. Water transports nutrients, ferments, vitamins and trace elements to all organs. It is absolutely indispensable for the optimal function of the body cells and all tasks of blood and lymph.

Via the kidneys, intestines and skin, water flushes many toxins out of the body. Even a fluid loss of only 2% can lead to serious limitations of physical and mental performance. A fluid loss of ten percent of the body weight leads to disorientation, dizziness, weakness and apathy to unconsciousness. In very severe cases kidney and circulatory failure can occur.

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