What has been considered true in natural medicine circles for centuries is still questioned by "modern" medicine at present: Water is sensitive in terms of information! In general one finds scientists who search, but scientists who find, one searches!

Masaru Emoto seems to have found. A relatively simple method to visually display the quality of the water without chemical interference. With this, he finally supports the claim of the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who became famous mainly for his claim that highly diluted antigens could influence white blood cells (leukocytes) via a "memory effect" of the water.

Just as before him Samuel Hahnemann - the founder of homeopathy - published completely new views on water and its inherent potential. We certainly do not need the confirmation of official medicine that such claims are true. Thanks to Masaru Emoto, it is now " crystal clear " that information can be added to water.

Einstein told us, Emoto finally shows us!

Whether something is true in these "assertions" or not ... we will show you in the next chapter.

Let us surprise you, what water is able to do !

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