What natural medicine knows since centuries is currently being called into question by "modern" medicine. Poor guys! The truth, however, is just like water you can’t hold it back forever ;-) As already stated: water is sensitive to information!

Generally speaking one can say: in general you find scientists who are searching … but scientists who find … one must look for ;-) Masaru Emoto seems to have found: a relatively simple method to visualize the quality of the water.

He finally supports the claim of the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who was mainly known for his claim that highly diluted antigens could influence white blood cells (leucocytes) via a "memory effect" of the water. Merci beaucoup ! Just as Samuel Hahnemann - the founder of homeopathy – who published quite new views on water and its inherent potential. Vielen Dank ! Certainly we do not need confirmation from official medicine and their zombies that such claims correspond to the truth.

Thanks to Masaru Emoto, it is now "crystal clear" that information can be added to the water. Einstein told us, Emoto finally shows us. Arigatou gozaimasu !

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Engineered in Switzerland
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