The Iranian-American physician Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj sums up his years of research relating to water with an interesting thesis: "Most civilization diseases are not the result of faulty metabolism, but thirst signals of the body. It's a paradox: although we absorb tons of fluid, our body is dehydrated. The reason: most of our drinks have devastating side effects." Batmanghelidj noted that primarily those patients were gaining tremendously in weights, which only drink diet beverages.

Not surprisingly, there are so many obese people living in the US … because more than 80% of the beverages contain caffeine, which in turn acts like a drug on the brain, producing all signs of addiction. Caffeine stimulates the kidneys and has a dehydrating effect. Since the water does not stay in the body long enough, so much coke (or other junk) is drunk.

In addition, his studies have shown that these patients misinterpret the signals of their bodies: assuming they have drunken enough, they believe that they are hungry and eat more than their body actually needs. The cause of all this is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is a chemical compound in our brain that is responsible for releasing stored energy.

It has also been found that caffeine lowers the threshold for reactions of the ATP storage. The energy reserves of the brain cells are activated, one feels strengthened. Sugary drinks seem to satisfy the energy needs of the brain and replenish some of the claimed reserves, which is not the case with artificially sweetened beverages!

The result is clear and incalculable: increased feelings of thirst and hunger install. The chemistry in our body is perfectly aligned; at least that's what we mean.

Our body knows exactly that "sweet things" offer him energy. The liver opens its receptors, gets ready to absorb sugar, and slows down the conversion of internal protein and starch reserves.

However, since no "natural" sugar is supplied, the liver sends the following information to the brain: Hunger !!!

For those who want to lose weight, light and zero beverages without sugar are nothing more than a promise of salvation. Ads promise that these drinks are slenderizing and even healthier than traditional soft drinks. OK.

But … whether you believe it or not, hundreds of scientific studies that have been conducted for years and still are come to completely different conclusions:

So called "low calorie" beverages damage the teeth and promote cancer. In September 2012, researcher Hannah Gardener announced that studies in this regard clearly show that the risk of heart attack or stroke increases by 48 percent if such beverages are consumed daily. Wow.


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