Dehydration represents the root of many diseases. It also represents the first cause of stress in our body. Any biological function of the body suffers, if too little water is supplied to the organism! Recent studies clearly show that it is less due to the lack of water, but the lack of hexagonal structured water. This fact represents the most important factor for these sufferings.

Hexagonal structured water appears to play an important role in the progression of biological functions. A correlation (relationship between multiple statistical variables) has also been discovered in relation to the aging of the body in terms of the amount of water available.

According to the reference book "Hexagonal Water - The Ultimate Solution" published in 2005 by M.J. Pangman, revitalized water can much better revive and detoxify the organism than normal tap water. This in turn also helps to improve the absorption of food and a much higher intercellular exchange and a better functioning metabolism.

The scientific work of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has enormously contributed to proving that certain energetic influences can restore or even destroy the hexagonal matrix of water.

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