What are tachyons?

The tachyon products we have been manufacturing since 1995 act as antennas that can attract high, subtle frequencies. Applied to living beings (humans, animals and plants), tachyons can supply and envelop all organisms with light-filled life energy. Tachyons can be described as a "subtle source of restoring balance".

When disharmonic influences are present, tachyons can often convert these energies in a flash.

It is therefore not surprising that not only more and more therapeutic-energetic people appreciate the interesting properties of our BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon Products, but also that many physicians use them for their own personal use and more and more often for their patients. Cool ;-))

Nowadays we are exposed to many burdensome influences. As a result, unfortunately, more and more imbalances are emerging, which have both physical and psychological consequences.

BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products can in most cases completely and quickly harmonize external disturbances and stress influences such as electrosmog, are able to sustainably promote the bio-energetic quality of drinking water ... and offer further interesting possibilities to promote and stabilize personal well-being.

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