In the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century colloidal silver was considered as an important medicament, but faded into obscurity over the course of time. However, colloidal silver is to be considered as a private clinic for everybody; a hospital for your personal luggage. Colloidal silver is also described as „second immune system“ and as „natural antibiotic“. More and more people bethink one selves of this effective method to treat infectious diseases.

After all, different application possibilities with colloidal silver have been described for several hundreds of pathogenic agents (viruses, bacterium and fungus). Antibiotics or antimykoticum show their virtues only against a small number of different pathogenic agents.

Since the discovery of the penicillin in 1928 thousands of different antibiotics have been analyzed: colloidal silver was gradually buried in oblivion. Then more and more resistant bacterium were detected. And luckily, one started to recollect on the advantages of colloidal silver.

Since 1930 silver foil made of rolled aseptic silver is used for wound care. This foil has the distinction of averting excessive ullages and is able to stimulate the neoformation of tissue. Carl Sigmund Franz Credé (1819-1892) discovered, that silver nitrate is able to mortify within only five minutes staphylococcus bacteria, streptococcus bacteria and anthrax spores … even if the silver nitrate is used with a dilution of 1:1000 !

The chief physician of the maternity division at the Berlin Charité, Dr. Carl Siegmund Franz Credé (1819 - 1892) saved the eyesight of countless newborns by discovering that a common cause of infant blindness could be prevented by applying silver nitrate eye drops at birth.

He used a 2% silver nitrate solution, and first demonstrated its effectiveness in the early 1880s. During a three-year period, Credé treated 1160 newborns with silver nitrate, with only 0.15% of the infants developing ophthalmia. The silver nitrate solution is sometimes referred to as "Credé's prophylaxis" in medical literature. Later, the solution was diluted to 1% silver nitrate, and became a standard practice in obstetrics.

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