On the occasion of a training course in Athens Marco was vigorously hugged by a seminar participant with the following words: „Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my life!“

Oops, what happened, Marco thought. "You saved my life!" The sporty gentleman incessantly repeated. "You cannot imagine how well I'm feeling again!" Marco with a questioning look addressed to the other seminar participants and asked Yorgos -his translator- what's going on. And Yorgos translated from Greek to English what the "exited" participant told him.

"What are you so thankful for?" "I bought a SILVER*CARD from your representative Panayotis some three months ago. He advised me to try to treat the streptococcus that has been making my life hell for months! "

He then went on to say: "I started, as suggested by Panayotis and the information I did read in your leaflet, drinking only "silver water "every day. I even bought a small goblet made of real silver, from which I drank the energized water."

He has also changed his eating habits ever since and now enjoys the best of health. Since the drugs prescribed did not show the desired effect, he had to find another solution. "I came across these products when I visited a trade fair in Athens … and since that very day I am your biggest fan!"

Honestly, I did not want to buy the good man his story. However, in the three days of the seminar it turned out that he spoke the truth. Lots of participants who knew him confirmed


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