Take the NAΩS*CARD in your left hand and put your left thumb on the symbol. If this is not possible for health reasons, just use your right hand.

Then mentally say the following sentence: "I ask that the cause of the following problem be harmonized.

Now think about the problem you want to solve (keep your thumb on the NAΩS*CARD for a short moment) ... then put this Energy Card on the table and put a glass of water on the NAΩS*CARD.

Of course you can also fill a carafe with fresh water and put it on the NAΩS*CARD. Drink regularly during the next days from this informed water and be surprised by the result.

PS: You don't have to repeat the programming: the NAΩS*CARD will store the information. If you were successful with your programming, you can use the NAΩS*CARD for other tasks. You do not have to delete the "old" programming.

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