Extract from the Channelling (translated from Swiss German) of February 18, 2002:

As you know, you apply information carrier materials such as glass and silicon. During the Tachyonization process, we transfer a lot of information into each object: first and foremost we transfer and stock healing knowledge.

It would be interesting to meditate with this pendant and just let yourself "drift"; whether this is done in consciousness or during sleep. It is something beautiful that you have there. Just as it is getting very bright now, so it will be bright for many people when they come into contact with these products for the first time.

It would be very advantageous to ask (demand) "us" what you want and what you would like to experience before you use the informed (tachyonized) products. You are allowed to express wishes. You may give us a concrete order and you may program the individual products for yourself and, if you wish, also for others. Tachyons; this is not only about electricity, ampere or kilowatt ... it is about consciousness !

We give you the tip: Express yourself clearly. In thoughts, in prayers, in words, in meditations. Express yourself just as clearly as in a restaurant when you order. It is all in the word. In the thought. It is so simple. It is so simple.

We thank you and please remember, we don't have watches. Time is a quality that we do not know in the form you have. That is why we can manifest things, in qualities of time that you cannot (yet) grasp.

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