Crystalline silicon & Tachyons

During the processus of tachyonization of the ENERGY*CARDs we use the perfect molecular structure of crystalline silicon in order to transfer its own vibration to organisms.

As it has been proved, crystalline silicon activates cell-building and cellular metabolism, hampers aging process in biological tissue and is very important for structuring and for the functioning of the connective tissue. Moreover, crystalline silicon promotes the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels.


The therapy with stones represents probably one of the oldest forms of therapies on earth. Already in antiquity, stones and gems have been considered as something living. Healing with stones was as natural as healing with herbs and plants. In all cultures gems and stones were considered being very useful. The fact that the same healing properties have been attributed to the same stones all over the world might prove that mankind was fully aware of the virtues of the same stones.

Lithotherapy is related to Astrology: stones are considered as mini-planets; as a manifestation of divine forces that can be used for healing. Ancient writings about gems and stones tell us about it.


Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany