Keywords for the GREEN*CARD

Back pain, chronic stress, mental and physical fatigue, breathing difficulties, heart problems, mental and physical regeneration, after a long period of illness, detoxification, purification

With the GREEN*CARD you can create energized water within a short time, which shows a similar effect potential as homeopathic chlorophyll. Energized chlorophyll offers a variety of positive effects.

Similar to an antioxidant, homeopathic chlorophyll has an antibacterial effect and strengthens our immune system. The oxygen remains in the brain cells for a longer period of time, thus improving concentration. It is also able to eliminate carbon dioxide, release oxygen and kill anaerobic bacteria. It also has the ability to remove toxins from the liver. The frequency of green helps to promote recovery.

Water vitalization

To revive water, place the GREEN*CARD under a glass or carafe of fresh water. If you wish, you can leave the Energy Card under the carafe during the day (and overnight) and refill it with fresh water from time to time.

Green is the color frequency that represents the center of the human body. It is therefore perfectly suited to bring our entire body and organs into an optimal balance.

Green conveys a feeling of space. It is associated with the heart, the lungs and also the back. Like all plants, the color green provides oxygen; air to breathe. It is therefore explicitly suitable for use in the following cases:

>• for heart complaints
>• for breathing difficulties
>• for physical detoxification
>• in case of chronic stress
>• after long periods of illness
>• in case of chronic back pain
>• for infectious diseases of the respiratory organs

Today it has been scientifically proven that the frequency of this color can provide valuable services in susceptibility to infections and cancer.

No wonder then that green-colored precious and semi-precious stones and "green" food have strong regenerative powers and have long been used to treat the above-mentioned symptoms.

Under this link we have published detailed information about the color green.

And under this link you will find interesting information about the Heart Chakra ... as well as the assignements on the physical and psychological level. And last but not least some information about the diseases that can be treated with this color frequency.

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Size of the transparent laminate: 55 x 85mm
Size of the silicon structure: 45 x 72mm


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion