Green is the color-frequency which represents the center of the human body. Objects with this color therefore are perfectly suited for balancing the whole body and all its organs. Green procures a feeling of width and is associated to the hearth, the lungs and to the back as well.

Who can really benefit from this color ?

The way as Goethe attributed in his oeuvre the virtue “beautiful” to the color red, “noble” to the color orange and “good” to the color yellow he has -surely in all conscience- attributed the virtue “useful” to the color green, which is suited in between the so called warm and cold colors.

It is therefore not astonishing at all that the color green is often “required” by persons, which try to be helpful where ever they can … and that they prefer to “give” … often showing some difficulties to “accept” gifts or emotions.

As green is promoting regeneration on all levels, this color is either totally rejected by such persons or they sponge up in it.

Like all plants, this frequency offers oxygen; air to breathe. It therefore represents an excellent color to be used for the following circumstances:

>• chronic stress
>• heart troubles
>• respiratory problems
>• chronicle back pain
>• physical detoxification
>• after long period sickness
>• to finally let loose the past
>• if I’m carrying grief and anger resentment
>• infectious diseases of the respiratory organs

Meanwhile it is scientifically proven that the frequency of this color is able to grant great help in case of cancer and liability to infectious diseases.

No wonder that green-colored stones -and precious and semi-precious stones as well- exhibit powerful regenerative forces. From time immemorial they have been used to cure the above mentioned symptoms.

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