Keywords for the GOLD*CARD

Burnout syndrome, lack of self-confidence, heart problems, tendency to irritability and nervousness, fatigue (even after long sleep), rheumatism, in case of and light and strong muscle tension, edema and glandular swelling

The GOLD*CARD offers two completely different application possibilities:

- A - we have designed this Energy Card for people who regularly spend time in the vicinity of devices that create electrosmog: Computers, monitors, laptops, notebooks, Wi-Fi / WLAN routers, cash registers, photocopiers, mobile phone antennas, TV sets, trains, streetcars, cars, artificial lighting, etc.

- B - to inform water, which should have similar properties to colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is scientifically proven to be effective in cases of stress, high blood pressure, migraines, sleep disorders, depression, memory problems ... and helps you to relax better. Colloidal gold works on the cellular level. Gold colloids intensify the transfer of information between cells and thus stimulate the body's repair and regeneration systems.

* * *

- A - To protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, you can place the GOLD*CARD in the shirt pocket or breast pocket of your suit. Worn at this height, the tachyon field that forms around the GOLD*CARD acts directly on the thymus and thyroid gland. With great security you can concentrate better !

The precious metal gold with its unique atomic structure and its enormous electrical potential influences both the electrical and electromagnetic properties of every body cell. In tachyonized form, gold can repolarize electrical fields in a short period of time.

PS: If you now think that the idea with the GOLD*CARD is a bit cumbersome, and you would rather wear a "protection" pendant: no problem ;-)

With the GOLD*CHIP pendant we offer a tachyon pendant, which is the consequent implementation of our successful GOLD*CHIP.

Apart from the fact that the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon is an effective protection against electrosmog, practically all people find that since wearing this pendant they feel more energy, can work more relaxed and concentrated ... and feel less stressed. A feat; the influence of electrosmog should not be underestimated.

- B- water vitalization

To revitalize drinking water, place the GOLD*CARD under a glass or under a carafe of fresh water. You can leave the Energy Card under the carafe all day and also overnight and refill it with fresh water from time to time. Water revitalized with the GOLD*CARD also stimulates the nervous system and digestion.

Water informed with the GOLD*CARD has similar properties to colloidal gold. Colloidal gold addresses the fundamental switch points of health, youthfulness and regeneration.

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Size of the transparent laminate: 55 x 85mm
Size of the silicon structure and gold plating: 45 x 72mm


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion