Reliable protection against electric smog !

The GOLD CARD (credit card size) - manufactured with pure crystalline silicon and 24 carat gold foil- reliably protects the whole organism from harmful electric and electromagnetic radiation. This card has been conceived for those who work or sojourn regularly in an environment of e-smog emanating devices and vehicles.

The precious metal gold with its particular atomic structure and its unique electric potential affects the electric and electromagnetic conditions of every single human body cell. Tachyonized gold is capable to harmonize any faulty electric potential.

A possible “side effect” of the GOLD CARD may consist in the fact that you might -due to the repolarized electromagnetic spectrum- be able to better concentrate yourself during work. Detailled information about the energetical potential of gold is described in the flyer.

PS: “Gold-Water” made with this little card is quite interesting, too !!!

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