This precious metal plays a very important role in the medicine! Since the 20s of the last century compounds of gold are delivered as reliable and proven base therapy in case of rheumatic diseases. Medicaments with potentialized gold are known for a long time and used for health problems, such as:

>• in case of baseless fears
>• strengthens intuitive thinking
>• in case of burn-out syndrome
>• give courage and confidence
>• assists in case of taedium vitae
>• if suffering from heart problems

Gold has a number of spectacular properties that set it apart from the extensive list of natural remedies. Colloidal gold acts at a cellular level. Gold colloids intensify the transfer of information between cells, stimulating the body's repair and regeneration systems.

The increased stimulus transmission also takes place in the brain, because the tiny particles can overcome the blood-brain-barrier and significantly improve thought processes, ability to concentrate, motor skills, dexterity and time perception.

The precious metal gold, which we use to manufacture the GOLD*CARD and the GOLD*CHIP as well, has been playing an extremely important role in medicine for centuries.

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