Did you know ?

The #1 perturbing source in your work area is your computer screen ... and not your boss ;-)

As it is known, not only the electromagnetic spectrum of a screen exerts a harmful effect on our organism: but mainly its backlight. Flat screens exert a discontinuous spectrum, containing unnatural short-waved fractions of blue.

This blue-light is much more refractive than red light and is focused in our eyes on another level than long-waved particles of light. Lightsources with a large amount of blue fractions burden the hormonal balance as they reduce the release of melatonin which is known to form stresshormons as cortisol and ACTH. So don't be a frog ...

In order to protect yourself from the radiation of computer screens, just put the credit card sized GOLD*CARD in the pocket of your shirt or suit. Worn at this height, the tachyon field that arises around the card will directly act on the thymus gland and on the thyroid. You'll see: you will have more energy and be able to much better concentrate !

If you are using a laptop or touchpad you might use a GOLD*CHIP, too.

* * *

The huge advantage of these products: they do not "overcharge" do not have to be "purified" and, last but not least: we offer a 10-year warranty of functionality !

Characteristic symptoms caused by electric smog:

>• susceptibility to infection
>• cancer, rheumatism, arthritis, tumors
>• tiredness even after long sleeps
>• light to heavy tensions in the limbs
>• tendency to nervousness and depression
>• bad or restless sleep, allergies, headaches

* * *

It may be risqué, by virtue of the scientific yada yada on the part of the manufacturers of electronic devices, that we permit ourselves to make such a statement and to claim, that the GOLD*CARD and the GOLD*CHIP really protect.

Hey, why don't you ask your Touch for Health® practitioner and ask him/her to test the impact of the radiation on your body: with and without the GOLD*CARD / GOLD*CHIP ! Try me that he/she will be totally surprised !!!

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