Before we start discussing the effect of colloidal gold, let us briefly explain two concepts:

The metabolism is the hard- and software that is responsible for all vital processes in the body. Metabolism controls all biochemical processes that take place within the cells.

Everything you partake, be it in the form of physical food or, of course, in the form of emotions, is ultimately transported into your body cells. Your cell software does it all as if by magic, without you having to worry about it. So your metabolism ensures that virtually all life-essential processes and functions of your body run properly. Got it?

The fact is, that your metabolism software is connected in accordance with colloidal fluids (blood and lymph fluid). If the colloidal state of your blood is out of balance, it will -sooner or later- lead to circulatory disorders, heart problems or chronic illnesses.

Potential aggressors: Since the effect of colloids is primarily based on electrical and magnetic impulses, it is certainly clear to you that external disturbances, such as electric smog are also responsible if you feel uncomfortable.

* * *

Colloidal gold is highly effective even in very low doses. Colloidal gold primarily affects and regulates the glands in your body. Analogous to the millennia-old medical information from the traditional Indian art of healing (Ayurveda), the glands are assigned to the seven main chakras.

1. Chakra (Muladhara) : adrenal glands and bone marrow
2. Chakra (Swadhisthana) : testes and ovaries
3. Chakra (Manipura) : nervous system, digestive organs
4. Chakra (Anahata) : thymus gland
5. Chakra (Vishuddha) : thyroid gland
6. Chakra (Ajna) : pineal gland
7. Chakra (Sahasrara) : pituitary gland

Colloidal gold acts - scientifically proven - in case of stress, high blood pressure, migraine, sleep disorder, depression, memory problem ... and helps to relax much easier. Colloidal gold acts at a cellular level. Gold colloids intensify the transfer of information between cells, stimulating the body's repair and regeneration systems.

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