This feedback is actually due to a "coincidence"; maybe also to the penchant for a "Dolce far 'niente" lifestyle of this particular customer. Shortly before Christmas 2009, a WEB publisher came up with the following question: "Is it possible to reduce weight with your products?" Apparently he bought a FOOD*CARD Midi a few months ago.

"Somehow, however, I did not put the card in the refrigerator… I left her on my desk. And, as there is always a lack of space everywhere, I started putting my water carafe directly on the FOOD*CARD. I somehow forgot its original purpose".

Shortly before Christmas a good friend of mine asked me with amazement: "Are you going to gym?" "You think so?" our customer replied. "In fact," he told us on the phone, "It seems I'm carrying some five kilos less on the ribs."

Then we gave him a brief explanation of the effect of colors. That the frequency vibration of the color orange may stimulate the whole digestive tract (small and large intestine, stomach) and the kidneys, too.


Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany