Most of our daily food and beverages are stored in refrigerators or freezers. As these devices emanate electric smog, the bioenergetic quality of the stored groceries is considerably reduced … leading to a poor quality … be it at home or in the grocery shops.

In order to vitalize food stored in such devices we highly recommend using a FOOD*CARD Midi. To do so put this ENERGY*CARD directly on the bottom of the vegetable compartment. This card will create a Tachyon energy field strong enough to vitalize even large sized freezes and refrigerators. One of the “side-effects” -reported by numerous clients- consists in the fact that food seems to remain fresh for a longer period.

Remarks such as: "The parsley, which we kept in the fridge in a glass of water, has grown bigger!" made -in the early years of our activities- interesting headlines. Needless to point out that it is significantly healthier to consume vitalized food and beverages. Isn't it ?

And, you might know it by now: the energetic and biophysical effects of the color orange and its frequencies are known to facilitate the assimilation of food. Why don’t you dare carrying out some tests ?

Enjoy your meals ! You will be nicely surprised by the virtues of this “magic and refreshing” card.

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Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany