Orange stands for joie de vivre, letting go, digestion and is assigned in the human body to the sacral chakra. From an energetic point of view the sacral chakra hosts the small and large intestine, the kidneys and the lower back. Orange is the composite color of red (spiritual grounding) and yellow (beam of wisdom). How come that most Buddhist monks are dressed in this color?

For a good digestion we are in need of this color. Not only it is much more easier to digest physical food, but also nasty situation or people who jar on the nerves.

Orange promotes joie de vivre, light and brightens. Orange strengthens gently but definitely. Orange can be used to increase your own physical performance. The subtle frequencies of this color can harmonize past and present shocks.

From a purely energetic point of view, the color orange may be helpful in the following situations:

> • when I'm no more able to relax
> • in case of not being able to let go problems related to work and duty
> • in case of difficulties when it comes to sexuality
> • when I'm out of whack
> • to experience happiness and bliss
> • in case of digestive and urogenital disorders
> • in case of changes in the endocrine balance (puberty, menopause)

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