Water consists of a cross-linked structure of bonded hydrogen molecules, forming a multitude of structures. The most known structure is the hexagon, consisting of six water molecules. This shape is common to all men who once saw snow. Snow, on the other hand, consists of myriads of snowflakes which, studied under a microscope, show the very same hexagon as basic structure. Due to their particular only angles of exactly 60° respectively 120° are possible.

On the occasion of the first study conducted back in October 2001 by Masaru Emoto’s Swiss branch (WYSE Crystal Laboratories) we have been told, that grades and valuations in A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K crystals take place; whereby only perfect hexagons are labeled as A-crystals.

Furthermore we have been told, that A- or B-crystals only form –as experience teaches- from water samples withdrawn from pure spring water. Normal tap water or polluted water is not able at all to develop beautiful crystalline or even hexagonal shapes.

Based on these standards, the results achieved with the Energy Cards have to be classified as top !

We wish you lots of fun, success and health by applying our tachyonized Energy Cards ;-)