On biogenic-electro.com we present scientifically and bioenergetically certified products which have been developed by our team in the year 1995/1996. They represent a highly efficient alternative to shield from undesired consequences created by electric smog. Moreover our products will help you to work much less stressed … and therefore being able to enjoy the evening by feeling less frazzled.

After all: we did not “land on earth“ spending all energy just for work !

Already in the 80s, when we worked -from a professional point of view- as technicians and engineers in the domain of office technology, we were fully aware that not only time was up for electric typewriters, but that a new era will sound the bell for something new: the era of the screens.

Honestly, we never thought that thereby something completely new will determine our daily routine. Today this “something” is responsible for the fact that lots of persons feel flabby and floppy more than ever. Hey, even if you might be surprised: this “something” called electric smog is waved aside as baloney by so-called “leading” scientist !!!

No problem ;-) … our scientifically certified tachyon products prove their efficiency already since 1996.

Are you ready to make a small and keen contribution for your personal well-being?