By developing our products, we promote -first of all- the idea: qualitative improvement. On behalf of the topic "Drinking water" we try to raise the vibrational potential of tap water, because everybody should be able to profit every single day from healthy water.

Tap water that has been energized by use of tachyon energy changes traceable its surface tension. As a result, the transport of essential nutrient to the cells and the removal of pollutants from the cells are facilitated.

As the water-consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50% with our products, you contribute to our precious environment.

Even if in most cities water shortage rarely is mentioned; with our products you do help to protect this precious element. According to the motto constant dripping wears the stone, you save lots of money by using our products. And if we succeed to convince you that saving water isn’t just lucrative but really makes sense … we really did take an important step forward.

The analyses of the comprehensive study (for a period of nine years) conducted by Hagalis Association (German Research Laboratory) clearly prove, that our systems have been rated (regarding quality, efficiency, economy and price) as top grade. Here goes !