Silver strengthens the organism, is anti-inflammatory and activates the self-healing powers

As tachyons primary transmit information, one can produce so-called „silver-water“ which offers a similar potential as known from colloidal silver. To do so, place the SILVER*CARD for awhile under a glass or under a jar with fresh water.

You can leave the SILVER*CARD without further ado all day long under the carafe; just refill it with fresh water as required.

The tachyonized SILVER*CARD, manufactured with pure silver and pure crystalline silicon, can be used for different purposes.

Aside from the fact that „silver-water“ tastes much better than "dead" tap water it is proven, that this water strengthens the whole organism. One can easily verify the positive effect with the aid of a muscle test (kinesiology).

Why not check with plants ... and your pets ?

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Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany