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The VITA*CARD (created in summer 1997) was the first ENERGY*CARD of our current range. Today we offer seven different ENERGY*CARDs that are described in detail on this homepage. The main purpose of the ENERGY*CARDs is to revitalize water, beverages and food. Apart from that - as you will see - our ENERGY*CARDs offer versatile application possibilities!

How to use them: Place your ENERGY*CARD for a short time (1 - 3 minutes) under a glass or a jug with fresh water. This time span is perfectly adequate to transmit the information of the ENERGY*CARD into the water.

And yes, you can also revitalize other beverages such as fruit juices, teas, coffee or wine. Just be a little curious … and do a few tests. You will for sure notice that the taste of the beverages will change: many users describe the beverages as "rounder", tasting better … and, above all … beverages and food is much more digestible. When it comes to digestion, we can highly recommend the orange-colored FOOD*CARD.

You can leave your ENERGY*CARD all day long (or overnight) under the glass or under the jug; just refill it from time to time with fresh water.

Manufacturing of the Energy Cards: Each ENERGY*CARD is carefully manufactured in our workshop in Germany using pure crystalline silicon. After the tachyonization process, developed by our team in 1995/1996, each card is laminated in order to protect its delicate structure from abrasion. The laminate doesn’t interfere with the positive effects of each ENERGY*CARD!

What are Tachyons?

The BIOTAC Line©Tachyon products manufactured by our team act as antennas for energy vibrations of the highest order. Applied to living beings such as human beings, animals, plants and water, they can provide their organism with "life energy" of the highest concentration. Tachyons may be denoted as "always promoting balance". In case of external disharmonic influences, tachyons can transform such energies in a short time. It is therefore not surprising at all that more and more physicians appreciate the interesting properties of our BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products and apply them for themselves and more and more frequently for their patients, too.

Nowadays we are exposed to many stressful influences. As a result, more and more imbalances arise, which result in both physical and psychological consequences. Tachyons could mark a watershed absorbing external stressful influences and thus sustainably promote and stabilize your personal health condition.

By clicking on this link you will find further information about Tachyons ... how they are made ... information about their duration of effect ... etcetera ...


Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany